do your emotions feel too big to handle?

Discover how emotion mapping can help you calm down, rewire your brain, and learn to cope better so you can have peace and joy again!

here's what you get with your guide to emotion mapping:

  1. Learn how to identify your emotions so that you can understand how you're truly feeling

  2. Learn how to process your emotions so you'll know why you feel the way you feel and where it's coming from

  3. Learn what to do with those feelings so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling in control

You can climb out of a bit of despair, are you ready?

Hi, I'm LaToya! Highly Sensitive Introvert and Emotional Resilience Coach

For most of my life I struggled with my emotions. I felt things so deeply which left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depressed most of the time. I struggled with overthinking everything all the time.

Eventually, I learned how to control my thoughts and manage my emotions. I stopped feeling overwhelmed all the time. I got off the spiral into the pit of despair. I was able to cope better when life didn't go the way I planned.

And now, I teach everything I've learned with others. I love coaching ladies on how to have peace of mind during life's ups and downs.

If you're ready to learn more about that, you are in the right place!

Don't let another day go by without experiencing the peace that passes all understanding!

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